stay ay school
Days for 2300 Girls to stay in school Donate

When you support the Stay in School campaign, you help us:

Enroll children in public schools and provide them educational support to stay in school
Stop child labor by helping parents gain employment and providing children access to education
Ensure lasting change for children
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As she grows, she is able to make better choices for herself. This transforms her present life, gives her a secure future and helps her to look out for her family too.

An educated girl stays away from early marriage, avoids exploitation at work and becomes strong and independent

Why should 
girls go to school

When a girl is able to go to school,
she sets off a cycle of positive change.

Educated girls grow up to be empowered women and can influence the communities they live in, for good.

Stories of hope

See how Kilugu, went from doing menial tasks in school to
actually get an education. You can ensure she stays in school
and realizes her dreams.

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Success Stories

Last year, people like you ensured 834 girls
like Shravani do not drop out of school and
continue their education with the ‘Stay in
School’ campaign.
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