Shravani is now 16 years old and making a difference. Shravani has completed her 10th standard and scored 9.2 points out of 10. In order to pursue her dream of becoming a Teacher, she wants to continue her education and secure a seat in a social welfare residential college and is doing her Intermediate first year with Maths, Physics and Chemistry as main subjects.

When Shravani was in 10th class, she played a key role in stopping a child marriage. Hymavathi, her classmate’s marriage was fixed up by her parents. When Hymavathi shared that in the Children’s Collective meeting, Shravani mobilized all the children to go to her house and after a prolonged discussion, were able to convince her parents to not to perform Hymavathi’s marriage but allow her to continue her education. Shravani explained the ill-effects of child marriage. Because of the persuasion of Children’s Collective members, Hymavathi’s parents deferred their plans to perform her marriage and allowed her to continue her education.

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