Kilugu Rama lives in the small village of Kilugupeta in Andhra Pradesh, India. She dropped out of school while in Class 3 saying she lost interest in studies. Her parents who are uneducated and work in farms didn't probe much and decided not to send her to school anymore. When CRY America supported project Sneha intervened, they found out that she was asked to clean toilets daily in the school. It was no surprise that Kilugu could not take the humiliation from other children and teachers and quit.

Sneha along with the support of Village Child Protection Committee (VCPC) ensured that Kilugu was re-enrolled in school and a person was hired for the cleaning. So that such instances do not repeat, they ensured that the schools had the right infrastructure, which included classrooms, toilets, drinking water and staff. Kilugu is now in Class 5 and happy. We need your support to ensure that 2300 girls like Kilugu go to schools that have the right infrastructure and facilities, so that they do not drop out. Through your support to the ‘Stay in School’ Campaign, you can make this possible.