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The COVID19 outbreak is affecting every aspect of our world but our children continue to believe their dreams of a better tomorrow - where they are healthy and educated and stay protected from child labor and child marriage.

At CRY, we’re doing everything we can to ensure our children do not get affected but we need your help. At this critical time, we humbly ask for your support so that our children do not have to give up on their dreams for tomorrow.

Your contribution can help us ensure brighter futures for underprivileged children. Help CRY America raise $20,000 to help them chase their dreams!

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My name is Antony and I’m from a village in Ramanathapuram district in Tamil Nadu. My parents are palmyra tree tappers, but I had big dreams of becoming an engineer. I worked hard in my Grade 10 exams and got into high school. But my school was really far away - around 14 km from my village! I was late to school almost every day because the buses didn’t come on time.

My teachers and principal would scold me and make fun of me in front of my classmates for being late all the time. This really hurt my confidence and affected my studies. From being a bright and driven student in 10th grade, I lost interest and dropped out of school at the beginning of 11th grade. To support my family, I decided to start working in a mechanic shop. RWDS, a CRY America’s project in my village ran a children’s collective and they came to know about my situation and got in touch with me. They counselled me to go back to school.

I had become so used to working as a mechanic that I couldn’t picture myself going back to school. The CRY America team kept supporting me and showed me that there were other ways to achieve my dreams. The team convinced my parents that I could continue my education at a polytechnic college.

Today, I’m studying for a Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I’m so excited to be learning new things every day and for a chance to make my parents proud!

I have always wanted to get a good education. However, the village that I lived in did not have a school that offered secondary education. So, my sister and I moved to another village to live with our grandparents and continued our studies. I was in 8th grade when I learnt about CRY America supported project PORD (People’s Organisation for Rural Development). As part of their door-to-door campaign, they invited me to join the children’s collective in the colony too. I was an extremely shy person and didn’t have the confidence to speak to anyone apart from my family. Though my grandparents were reluctant to let me join the children’s collective, they eventually agreed.

Once I joined the collective, I made sure I participated in every possible activity of the child collective. I found my calling when I learnt about child rights and I decided to help make more children aware of their rights. In two years, I started participating in capacity building programs and eventually became the Secretary of the children’s collective. I even visited several schools to speak about children’s rights.

Currently, I’m pursuing my B. Tech in computer science engineering. Thanks to my efforts on building awareness on children’s rights in my community, I was selected as an Ashoka Youth Venturer. In the next five years, I aim to cover 500 schools and hostels and sensitize children and teachers on child protection and menstrual hygiene management.

My name is Rohan and I come from a small tribe in Bihar. I used to go to school and play cricket with my friends. However, all of this changed when my father, a rickshaw puller and single-parent, fell very ill.
I travelled across the country to Gujarat to help support my family. Staring at a life of working as a security guard, I started to believe that I would have to sacrifice all my dreams and hopes.

However, just as I was about to give up, a ray of hope appeared. DEEP, a CRY America project, found out about me and started to counsel my father on how child labor would chain me to poverty for life. The DEEP team also helped us raise money from our tribe’s Traditional Governance Unit to fund my education. I was able to go back to school and, in 2018, I was accepted into the Bihar Military Police Academy! I’m currently a cadet in training and hope to serve the nation. Having an education made all the difference.

I come from a remote village in West Bengal. My father, a daily wage laborer, supported our family of 9. I always dreamt of being financially independent and creating a better life for my family.

When I was 16, a neighbor promised to get me a government job in exchange for some financial help. The job never materialized and I lost all my family’s hard-earned savings. Still, I was determined to find work and was delighted when I finally got an interview call. My life would never be the same again. My interviewer held me hostage for 20 days and sexually abused me. When I finally escaped and returned home, I discovered that my father and my elder brother – the main breadwinners of our family – had both passed away.

As I was struggling to cope with my trauma, my story was discovered by a CRY America project Sanlaap. They encouraged me to attend life-skills sessions which were a positive influence in my life. They helped me regain my self-esteem and develop a new, hopeful perspective. It was at this juncture that I realized my passion for social justice. I wanted to help other survivors of violence fight for justice, by becoming a lawyer. Sanlaap connected me to a program that prepared young people for a career in law.

Today, I’m a second year student of law. I hope to make a difference through my profession and look forward to becoming financially independent as well! Thanks to CRY America, I’m pursuing my dream of becoming a lawyer and I hope to help people with their legal troubles!

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YOU can be instrumental in children becoming our doctors, engineers, astronauts, teachers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow! Support CRY America today!

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CRY America is a 501(c)(3) non-profit driven by its vision of a just world in which all children have equal opportunities to develop to their full potential and realize their dreams. With the support of over 25,153 donors and over 2,000 volunteers, CRY America has impacted the lives of 733,684 children living across 3,839 villages and slums through support to 90 Projects in India and USA.

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