Every child faces unique challenges in their lives. 660,632 children have received the means to face their obstacles with courage and hope. Through your support, many children are beginning to realize their dreams.

We hope that the stories of change you read about CRY America supported projects will inspire you to celebrate the impact you have been part of creating.
It is your continued support that ensures not just groups of children, but generations of them, find paths to their dreams.

With faith and goodwill,

Shefali Sunderlal
President, CRY America


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Upcoming CRY Walks

The CRY Walks are a great way for friends and family to support child rights while promoting an active lifestyle. For those who haven’t participated yet, there are more CRY Walks starting in September and coming to your city!

CRY Walk



Web Link to
Univ of WA 4/15 UW Campus Washington Walk 2017
Univ of Arkansas 4/22 Fayetteville,
North Pavilion
Sam Kumar
Arkansas Walk 2017



Devine Lake
Raga Chandra
Austin Walk 2017

New York 9/9 Riverside Park Parul Juneja,
New York Walk 2017



Community Park

Pavan Devarasetty,
Nishant Singh,
Raleigh Walk 2017



Chestnut Hill
Reservoir Trail
Harshita Bhurat,
CRY Boston Walk 2017

New Jersey


Roosevelt Park Shikha Bhatia
New Jersey
Walk 2017
San Diego


Crown Point,
Mission Bay San Diego Walk 2017



3703 Lost Creek
Blvd, Sugar Land, /
Houston Walk 2017

Orange County


Colonel Bill Barber
Marine Corps
Memorial Park

Orange County
Walk 2017

Past CRY Walks

CRY Walk 2017 @ Austin
The CRY Walk 2017 on May 20th in Austin TX was a great way to welcome the first day of spring! Despite the rain, participants raised $3181. The event started with a Bollywood dance warm-up, followed by henna, face painting, hot tea and more. A big thank you to everyone for your hard work!

CRY Walk 2017 @ Arkansas
Volunteers congregated at a scenic park gazebo for the CRY Walk 2017 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Even with the rain, the event raised over $6000 for child rights. CRY America thanks everyone who attended.

CRY Walk 2017 @ Washington
The student group from University of Washington partnered with Gurukul, a non-profit organization for the CRY walk on April 15th. 220 attendees raised $3000 for CRY Projects! There were also games for kids, a henna booth, food, and Bollywood zumba. Thank you to all who participated!


We kicked-off summer in Seattle, New York, Bay Area, Houston and Orange County with the CRY America Gala Dinners featuring celebrity guests Arjun Rampal and Pooja Batra. They were nights filled with great food, entertainment and inspiring CRY project stories right from the field. In the words of Megan Sharif, a CRY Bay Area Dinner guest,

“Khalid and I had such an amazing time. Such a great cause. We came to the event to see Arjun, but left knowing we’ll join CRY America and the cause that it’s fighting to improve. As a mother of 2 young boys, I know that CRY America is a cause that I need to help.”

CRY Dinner @ Seattle, Uphaar 2017
200 attendees joined celebrity guest Pooja Batra at our much awaited CRY America Uphaar Dinner on March 18th at the New Castle Golf Club in Seattle! The evening was even more special thanks to inspiring first-hand stories from donor Jigar Thakkar, who went on a recent visit to Project SATHEE, and our project partner Dr. Rolee Singh, from Project Dr. Sambhunath Singh Research Foundation (SSRF).

CRY Dinner @ Bay Area, Pledge 2017
June 3rd at Amber India in the Bay Area was a night where passion for child rights will be remembered. Celebrity guest Arjun Rampal joined CRY America and 120 other attendees to amplify the voices of underprivileged children and support our common cause. There were several fabulous auction pieces, including designer items from Sabyasachi and Tarun Tahiliani, that helped raise over $70,000 for CRY-supported projects!

CRY Dinner @ Orange County, Pledge 2017
CRY America was joined by the Mayor of Artesia at the Tandoori Garden in Anaheim on June 4th. Shefali Sunderlal, on behalf of CRY America and the children we serve, received a Certificate of Recognition from the Honorable Mayor Ali Sajjad Taj. With the help of our celebrity guest Arjun Rampal and a lively auction featuring rare items such as a Beatles record signed by Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, the Gala Dinner raised $63,000 and was a night to remember.

CRY Dinner @ New York, Pledge 2017
The Taj Pierre hosted one of our largest CRY America Gala Dinners on June 9th in New York! Arjun Rampal mesmerized the guests with his charming personality and his fund raising appeals increased our critical support to CRY projects by over $120,000 that night. Guests could interact live with Dr. Rolee Singh and 14-year-old Aklima from CRY-supported Project SSRF via Skype. Aklima also shared her personal story on being saved from child marriage and going back to school to pursue her dreams.

CRY Dinner @ Houston, Pledge 2017
Sugarland Texas came alive with the CRY America spirit at the Sweetwater Country Club on June 11th. Celebrity guest Arjun Rampal and 140 attendees helped raise over $65,000.00 for child rights. There was music and dance along with a great performance by Bollywood shake to Arjun’s hit numbers Like the other dinners, attendees were able to speak directly to Dr. Rolee Singh and a child at Project SSRF via Skype - a lively and meaningful evening.


Students and faculty from the University of Arkansas Sam M. Walton College of Business had a once in a lifetime experience during a visit to project Dr. Sambhunath Singh Research Foundation (SSRF) and project Guria in Varanasi on June 26th this year. The 33 member contingent watched the children perform moving skits reflecting their personal experiences with child labor, child marriage and child trafficking, among many other direct opportunities for learning. Both groups also had the chance to interact, play, sing, form bonds, and create lasting memories.


“I was not prepared to feel so strongly about children I didn’t even know. They had so much love they wanted to share, and despite the struggles of their lives, they gave that love freely. Children performed skits to raise awareness about issues no one should ever have to face."
- By Madison Holden, MBA Candidate

“I could not help but feel a sense of hope. It was encouraging to see the extraordinary work that ordinary people are doing to make a difference in these children’s lives. I’m so thankful for this program and other work that CRY supports in India, and I’ll be ever grateful for the chance to experience some of it first-hand.”
- Elizabeth Arredondo, MBA Candidate

“I was very impressed to hear about their efforts to educate parents and the community as a whole, so their efforts engender a fundamental transformation not only in the lives of these young people, but of their families as well."
- Dr. Adriana Rossiter Hofer, Associate Professor


The CRYKet events took place in Boston, San Diego and New York. CRYket for Child Rights is a platform for individuals to partner with the child rights movement that enables lasting change in the lives of children. By simply participating in this event, each individual, in his or her own way, will be restoring to children their basic rights to learn, live, play, express and be protected.


Our monthly recurring donation program, is a hassle-free way for you to support CRY projects while helping us plan grants more effectively and impact the lives of many more children.

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If you wish to donate $5000 or more then we can help you find a CRY America supported project to fund and support. We will send you detailed project progress reports every 6 months so you know the impact you have enabled in the project area. You could also visit the project yourself.

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The CRY America Team would like to say thank you to all our amazing donors and volunteers for making our awareness raising and fundraising efforts a success. It is because of YOU and your commitment that 660,632 children and counting are having better childhoods and more opportunities in their lives. We look forward to your continued support.


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