Outreach Award
of the Year
New Jersey
Action Center

Measurement Metrics:

# of Facebook events posted: Posted 6 Facebook events and advertised each of them on our CRY New Jersey group as well as each of our volunteers posted them on their own walls.

# of Child Rights stories posted on Facebook: During the summer months of June-August, CRY NJ posted a different child rights story from the CRY America website every week, which gained a lot of likes and helped more people get involved in the cause.

# of CRY America Blog posts: Whenever the chance is given, CRY NJ volunteers tweet, Instagram, and Facebook about CRY NJ events and just about the cause of child rights.

# of traditional print/online media articles: CRY NJ got 3 articles published in Tataasthu, an extremely prominent magazine with 25,000 subscribers and were also featured in one of their newsletters.

# of community outreach activities (tabling, booths, speaking engagements etc.): CRY NJ has attended 3 different festivals or fairs where we have had a booth and we raised about $500 each time. We brought volunteers and spoke with each person about the cause and what they can do to help. CRY NJ also has spoken at a few Rutgers University events and has raised $1,200 on the occasion where money was collected

The main outreach activity that the AC lead of CRY NJ obtained in order to spread awareness about the cause was the United Nations Conference on Human Rights of which Nikita Bhatia was a co-chair. By co-chairing the conference she was able to be given a 15 minute time slot at which she could speak to the 700 people at the United Nations Headquarters in New York about her cause. Nikita talked about the child rights and specifically CRY America. The room was surprised at some of the atrocities that happen with children in countries like India and wanted to lend a helping hand. Because the conference was international, this outreach activity helped many other action centers as well because Nikita guided the students who wanted to volunteer for CRY the website and contact info of the AC closest to them. This outreach activity was huge in that it gave CRY America an international platform at the United Nations Headquarters.

# of non-profit partnerships (e.g. NetIP): CRY NJ has worked with the non-profit called “It’s a Girl” to promote the problems of the girl child. CRY NJ is going to order the movie “It’s a Girl” from the no profit and show it at an event soon where they are hoping to raise even more awareness about the horrors people commit with the helpless girl child.

# of schools / universities visited: CRY NJ has clubs in 11 high schools around the state where all volunteers show videos of the AC lead, Nikita Bhatia, as well as share powepoints that they collaborate in making. CRY NJ also has visited Rutgers University where the Nikita gave a speech and managed to raise $1,200.

# of student chapters affiliated with the AC: About 11 student chapters around the state are affiliated with CRY New Jersey

# of retirees part of core group: There are no retirees a part of the core group of CRY NJ, but many come especially to the walk event to help support the cause.

CRY New Jersey not only outreaches through Facebook, nation-wide magazines, and local Indian Radio stations, but it outreaches through completely novel methods like the United Nations. The AC Lead,Nikita Bhatia, outreaches throughout the student community by going to conferences and meetings involving human rights issues.

By co-chairing the United Nations Conference on Human Rights, CRY New Jersey was able to bring CRY America international attention in the student community at the United Nations Headquarters.

Whether getting events announced on radio stations, having events published in national magazines, speaking at universities to spread awareness and recruit volunteers, or spreading awareness at the international level, CRY New Jersey excels in outreachi ng throughout the community.

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