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Vol. 15 , April 2010

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This is a simple yet cost effective scheme where you can contribute a small amount every month towards securing a better and just world for every child. You can now opt between the two ways of donating via DROPs:

Online via Credit Card

Offline via Bank Account

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CRY America’s gifting option will not only touch the recipient, but also touch the lives of underprivileged children, especially in India.
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Archana Rajan, our volunteer from SoCal AC currently studying at the UCLA Anderson School of Management recently received the John Wooden Global Leadership Award Fellowship for her dedication to building the SoCal Chapter and supporting the cause of children’s rights through CRY America. Congratulations Archana!

CRY America events
in the past 3 months:
Past Cry America Events

Buffalo Food & Music Evening
On March 19.
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Cleveland CRY Cricket 2010
On February 19.
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Boston AC organized a CRY Karaoke Mixer 2010
On January 30.
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CRY New York AC organized a Holi event
On March 26.
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CRY San Diego AC organized NiGhT HeiST
On March 19.
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CRY Seattle AC organized a Holi event
On February 27.
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CRY TAMU Chapter held it’s spring semester fundraiser
On March 27 – an evening of dance and music.

CRY SoCAL AC organized Bollywood Fling evening
On April 4.
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Nashville AC organized Bollywood Music Nite
On April 9.
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Dear CRY America supporter,

All of us will agree that education is the foundation for human development and has a profound impact on the growth of societies and children. Education has given many of us the opportunities to lead a better quality life and attain our goals. However, for millions of Indian children, education remains a distant dream - due to poverty, caste, gender discrimination and lack of access to schools. 50% of India's children between 6-18 years still do not go to school.

Nearly 8 years after the Indian Constitution was amended to make education a fundamental right, on April 1, 2010 the government implemented a historic law to provide free and compulsory education to all children in the age group of 6-14 years. For more information on The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009, click here.

While this is a landmark Act, one of India's most ambitious steps will be limited if it does not address the issue holistically. It does not address why children do not go to school and does not allocate adequate financial resources. 47% of habitations are without a primary school - we need to ensure that there is a primary school within 1 km radius and an upper primary school within 2 km radius. Pre-schoolers and the 14-18 age group also need to be included in the right to free and quality education. Spending on education and health needs to be increased to at least 10% of the GDP in order to make this promise a reality. Read more about CRY's feedback and recommendations.

CRY America and CRY (our partner in India) work to ensure quality education in shaping children's lives and putting an end to causes that keep them vulnerable and out of school. We need your continued support to enable underprivileged communities and children to realize their rights and their dreams.

With faith and hope,

Shefali Sunderlal Chandel
Shefali Sunderlal Chandel
President, CRY America

My Vision and Dream for Children 2010

CRY America’s ‘My Vision and Dream for Children’ Campaign starts on
May 1, 2010 – express your dream for children through poems, paintings, essays, slogans, photographs and short films.

Express Your Dream for ChildrenCRY America’s vision is that of a just world in which all children have an equal opportunity to develop to their full potential and realize their dreams.

To view Javed Akthar recite his poem 'Mumbai, tere bachche', click here.
To view the recital of Javed Akthar's poem by Shabana Azmi in English, click here.

To Join the MVC Campaign -

Write - Poem, Essay, Slogan/Statement
Click - Photograph, Short Film
Paint - Painting


CRY Walk for Child Rights 2010
CRY Walk for Child Rights 2010 CRY Walk for Child Rights is coming to your city soon! Our annual event, in its seventh year is being organized across 15 cities this year, starting on June 5 at Hartford, CT. This event aims at raising awareness and funds in support of underprivileged children, especially in India, to ensure that all children have access to education, health-care, freedom from child labor and other forms of exploitation.
CRY Walk 2010 For more information on CRY Walk 2010:
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Volunteer Awards 2010
Volunteer Awards 2010 Volunteers are the backbone of CRY America and Action Centers significantly contribute to the growth and success of the organization. The Volunteer Team Awards is a way of appreciating and recognizing the outstanding work of volunteers. The 2009 Awardees were arrived at through a democratic process of online voting. Congratulations to all our 2009 Award Winners!
Event Innovation Award for 2009:
Seattle Uphaar 2009 and the New York Children's Fair
Action Center Award for 2009:
Seattle Action Center
Action Center Sustainability Award for 2009:
Connecticut Action Center
New Action Center Award for 2009:
San Diego Action Center
To view all 2009 Award Winners: Click here
CRY America Upcoming Events to look out for

• CRY Seattle AC will be organizing a Golf tournament in May 2010.
Contact for more information.

• Chicago AC presents Club Nite for what's Right at Sayat Nova, downtown Chicago on May 8. Click here or contact for more information.

Jobs at CRY America
CRY America is looking for a full time Marketing Manager based in New York or Bay Area who will be responsible for managing & building relationships with individuals and institutions for contributing financial resources towards CRY America's mission.
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• Nritya Kendra School of Indian classical dance will donate proceeds to CRY America from its dance drama Kamdev Dahen event scheduled on May 29 at
the Queen’s Theatre in the Park, Flushing, NY. Read more

• Natural Life, ( is donating part proceeds of their unique Friendship bands to CRY America. Read more

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