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Vol. 14b , November 2009

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All children’s dreams will be realized

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Dear CRY America Supporter,

Our vision of a just world for children was further strengthened by individuals who expressed their dream and view of children’s rights through our ‘My Vision for Children Campaign (MVC)’, a new initiative launched by CRY America this year. Over 60 individuals aged 10 to 83 years living across 15 states participated in this campaign which ran from mid June till mid October.  Touching thoughts, beautiful poems, poignant pictures and paintings were received.  Our thanks goes out to all our MVC contestants for participating in this campaign and our congratulations to all the winners of the contest! The MVC entries that you will see on our website all capture one belief, one dream: of a better world for children.

Keep believing with us and the day when every child’s dream will be realized will not be far!

With warm regards,

Shefali Sunderlal
President, CRY America

P.S: If you did not participate in this campaign, do send us your comments and feedback to so that we improve our future campaigns.

Baikaria in Godda district of Jharkhand, India had a school, the villagers didn’t even know it.

Until Society for Advancement in Tribes, Health, Education, Environment (SATHEE), a CRY America supported project working with the tribal communities for rights awareness changed that.

As they became aware of their rights they started working on solutions to improve the lives of their children and their own.

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“Where there is no vision, there is no hope”

A vision seen in unison doesn’t take long to come true.
Our dream of a world where all children have their rights to live, learn, grow, play and be protected is within reach as it is guided by the collective conviction and action of over 10,000 donors, 500 volunteers and 41 Project Partners of CRY America. This belief was further strengthened by individuals who participated in our MVC Campaign.

Our thanks go out to all MVC participants and to our event sponsors - Zee TV and Citibank

Check out all the MVC entries and the winning entries at

“Let’s dream a little dream together” is the title of the booklet published by CRY America. Acclaimed actor, Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar, a renowned poet, lyricist and scriptwriter from India unveiled this fusion of dreams and visions for children at a press conference held in New York on November 17th, 2009.
The booklet is an expression of hope and optimism by people from all walks of life to see a just and better world for millions of children who are denied their basic rights to a childhood and captures some of the winning entries from the MVC campaign.

Javed Akthar shared his vision at the event for children and recited a poem ‘Mumbai Tere Bachche’ (Mumbai, your children), describing the trials and tribulations of street children in Mumbai city in India.

One of the winners in the poem category of the campaign, Nija Nair of New Jersey also shared her poem at the press conference.

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