Hello CRY Family,

COVID 19 has thrown all our lives in a loop of anxiety & unknowns. Thinking of you - our wonderful volunteers, donors & staff & hoping each of you & your loved ones are keeping safe & healthy during these troubling times.

Also thinking of the less privileged communities who will be the worst hit. CRY India is working on how they can be protected, made more aware of COVID 19 & the required precautions. Our regular work on nutrition, health & safety is critical at this time. We are researching relevant USA Projects to support regarding COVID 19 & impact on children. CRY Staff are working from home, non essential expenses frozen & all events, travel, meetings & conferences cancelled till end May.

By Jan/Feb, our 2020 Plans were looking solid & ready to go! Thank you for all the endless hours & efforts you put into organizing events & activities (now postponed for everyone’s safety). I was confident that the first half year was going to be a roaring success, with your support!

CRY raises 65% of it’s revenues through on-ground events & with so many cancellations & unknowns yet to come, 2020 will be a hugely challenging year. We will have to be creative & come together in different ways for our projects & children. Teams are working on various plans which they will share with you shortly.

It is HOPE that keeps us going! And children set the best example of what hope truly looks like - they never stop believing in their dreams!

Till there are children who need our help, there is a job for us to do! We shall persist & prevail, knowing that there are millions of children who still need our help, more than ever before.

Staying connected virtually is a lifeline for many of us, while we practice social distancing! Keep the messages flowing, so we know everyone is doing well & share ideas of what we can do together as a community. Do let us know if there is anything we can do to help you.

Be safe & lets keep the community safe!

With gratitude,

Shefali Sunderlal
President, CRY America.

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