Award Name: Event Innovation of the Year Award

Bay Area Action Center's CRY Walk 2008 Event

  • Innovation (successful implementation of a new event idea)
  • Impact (# of participants, revenue generated, new volunteers obtained, publicity for CRY America, impact on the local area (Indian & non-Indian))
  • Scope for replication by other ACs

Measurement Metrics:
  • New event idea/event
  • # of participants/attendees
  • Type and diversity of attendees
  • Revenue generated
  • Degree of replicability (1-5)
  • Media coverage (# of articles)

Your Story:
The Bay Area Action Center, has been organizing the CRY Walk for 4 years. Despite our efforts , we have never been able to raise more than a five thousand dollars and 120 registrations in previous years. Last year, however, was special. The CRY Walk 2008 event surpassed all our previous events in terms of both funds raised and awareness generated. We managed to get over 400 registrations and over 20000$ is gross revenues. This was made possible thanks to a very dedicated and dynamic dream team of core volunteers. Bharath , Somenath, Purnabh, Niranjan and other volunteers helped take the event to new heights .Apart from the hardwork and dedication of the volunteers, we accomplished this by using innovative approaches and incentives to get more registrations and donations. One of the most rewarding approaches was the team registration concept. We reached out to various communities within the bay area, cultural organizations, corporate teams , other non-profits and special interest groups ; to form teams of registrants and represent their teams at the CRY Walk. This concept was very successful and helped us surpass our initial goals by a huge margin. Because we reached out to many different organizations, the registrants were from a very diverse background, age, and ethnic makeup.

Another hugely successful area was donations. We raised more than 10000$ through our collective donation pages. This was largely due to our excellent awareness campaigns and the publicity we received through our team partners. Another area of innovation was the google sites intranet we used for internal communication and organization. Thanks to that, all the relevant information about the Walk was online and in one place and helped us stay focused on the tasks at hand. Because of the detailed information on the site, many other Action Centers were also able to replicate our success to a large degree.

This unprecedented success gave the team a huge morale boost and helped us establish a credible presence in the area.


Bay Area Walk 2008 donation page -

Walk 2009 google sites


  • New event idea/event Not a new idea
  • # of participants/attendees 400+
  • Type and diversity of attendees very diverse ethnically, all age groups and regional diversity among Indians.
  • Revenue generated 20000$ +
  • Degree of replicability (1-5) Very easily replicable
  • Media coverage (# of articles) Couple of articles in local print media.