Event Innovation of the Year

Southern California

Icebreaker Session at DJ Party

Measurement Metrics:

  • New event idea/event: Event innovation – Activities conducted before/ during the Annual DJ party event
  • # of participants/attendees: 160 participants
  • Type and diversity of attendees: 90% Indians and 10/% Caucasians
  • Revenue generated: $2,410
  • Degree of replicability (1–5) – how easy would it be for others to organize this event?: 5
  • Media coverage (# of articles): TV Asia covered the entire event that was aired on TV the next week.

The Icebreaker session at our DJ party was an innovative idea and something that had never been done before. This not only kept people engaged but also was a great forum to get to know each other, get volunteer sign ups & spread the word about CRY. The activities included the following -

Bollywood quiz: We developed an interesting list of Bollywood questions that we quizzed people on. As a good combination of both new and old Hindi movies, we were able to entertain all age groups. It also helped people engage with others & make new friends. After a short presentation on CRY, we conducted another icebreaker session. The time had come to guess which celebrity you are!! We had interesting pictures and quotes of celebrities that we printed on a blank sheet and pasted on the backs of people, obviously without them knowing whose picture it was! They were then required to walk around and ask others for clues that could help them guess who they were. The Bollywood quiz winners received exciting discount coupons to fine dining local Indian restaurants.

This innovative event idea helped people engage with the others in the group while learning more about CRY at the same time. As we walked around and made conversations with people after the icebreaker sessions, the core team was able to spread the word about CRY to encourage more volunteer sign ups.

Photo booth: At the same event we also set up a little photo booth in the lounge area. We set it up with props like wigs, funky glasses, scarves, ties and more. We had a full time volunteer assigned to take pictures throughout the evening. It was very exciting to watch our guests put on the funky props and pose for pictures throughout the evening.

Raffles: At the event, we assigned a full time volunteer who sold $120 worth of raffles, just by walking around! This was an idea we thought of just a couple days prior to the event and hoped to be able to raise a maximum of $50. To our surprise, the idea was a huge success! We raised more than double of what we had expected we would – about $120!! Just from selling $1 raffles!!

Media Coverage: Not only did we plan well to make this a fun event but also promoted it well so we could spread the word about this great cause. As a result of all the exciting events prior to and during the event, we had full media coverage from TV Asia! The Action center lead made a short presentation on the CRY - of course all of which was covered by TV Asia!! The show was aired on TV a few days later. At the end of the event, we called out our raffles winners who received discount coupons to some of the best Indian restaurants in town. Thanks to all the volunteers who worked hard to bag generous sponsorships from several local Indian restaurants.

The event was a great success and everyone seemed to have enjoyed thoroughly.