New Action Center of the Year 2011 - New Jersey

New Jersey

Measurement Metrics:

  • ~$6,000 generated in revenue
  • 15 active volunteers
  • 1 walkathon and 2 tabling events in the 5 months of 2011 that we were an AC
  • Participated in the 2011 Walk for Child Rights
  • 6 outreach efforts
  • From a core team of 5 to an estimated 10 this year (100% increase)
  • Estimating a 50% increase in revenue this year
  • 3 more outreach efforts will be added on this year (50% increase)

NJ Action Center was started in July of 2011 by 15-year-old Nikita Bhatia. In the five months that NJ was a stumbling action center, we were able to make around $6,000 with two tabling events and our walk. In only five months we were able to set up all of our pages, events modules, websites, CRY Net accounts, groups, and influence students around NJ to start CRY Clubs in their schools with our project High School Spread. So far we have three established CRY Clubs and 11 other schools still attempting to start clubs. In the established clubs we are able to raise awareness throughout that high school as well as advertise events and fundraise.

NJ had a flourishing first walk, where even in torrential downpour we were able to gain 50 walk participants and raise around $3,000 with our innovative styles of serene walks in the rain and apple picking. We also are supported by Tathaastu magazine which has over 15,000 subscribers and covers each of our events in their newsletters and magazine issues. In addition, we have our events announced on our local radio stations and TV Asia. CRY NJs core team consists of around 5 members and 15 active volunteers. We are constantly recruiting more volunteers through our Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr efforts. This year CRY NJ is having a dance off, Holi Party, Walk, and fiercely fundraising for Campaign 10.

CRY NJ though a completely new action center, has been able to raise awareness throughout the state of NJ, prosper in their countless outreach efforts, spread awareness throughout the student population, and become a well-establish action center that will flourish in the coming years.