Sustainability Award of the Year 2011 - Detroit Action Center


Once recognized as the top performing and highly vibrant action center of CRY America, Detroit AC found itself reeling through a very rough phase in 2011. We had a sudden drop in active volunteers as an aftermath of the economic meltdown followed by the automotive slowdown. The leadership changed twice in just one year. Three primary events organized last year were led by three different AC Leaders with not very-encouraging support from other volunteers.

However, with rededication to the cause, we had increased our strength to about 12 volunteers towards the end of the year, out of which 8 are core members.

We organized three main revenue generating events - CRY Bells of Hope, CRY Detroit Walk for Child Rights and CRY Gift of Kindness. Details of our events in 2011 are as follows:

Event Revenue Expense Net Donation to CRY Profitability
Bells of Hope $1022 $211 $811 79%
Walk for Child Rights $301 0 $301 100%
India Day Booth $150 $187 - -
Gift of Kindness $571 $318 $253 44 %
  $2044 $716 $1365 67%

Bells of Hope, Walk for Child Rights & Gifts of Kindness have become our Annual sustained and successful events. We increased our Face book outreach from 98 Likes to 329 Likes by12-31-11 (current we have 396 Likes). CRY booth on India Day increased our publicity multifold. We look forward to utilizing all PR benefits in 2012 events.

One of our Best Practice has been “giving back to the local community” which in-turn has helped us boost our standing in the community and will help with future revenues.