Event Innovation of the Year

Detroit (1)

Gift of Kindness

In 2011, for the second time in a row, we organized our Annual Toy Donation Drive – Gift of Kindness for elementary school students of an inner city school in Detroit. As expected, it was very successful in terms of (1) Toys collected, (2) Online Donations, (3) Local support, (4) Volunteer support and (5) appreciation from the Detroit school where we donated new toys.

Volunteers participated 8
Revenue Target $500
Revenue Generated $571
Attendees >100 elementary school students and >6 teachers and school principal.
New Volunteers 4 (100% increase in volunteer base)
Publicity On Facebook events
Event Flyers displayed in Grocery Stores & Temples.
Bombay Grille, a local restaurant supported us to keep a Toy Donation box for drop offs
Announcements on local AM Radio.
MIindia.com, DetriotIndia.com, EkNazar.com, DhartOnline.com
Event Flyers posted on Chrysler Employee message boards
Local Impact High Appreciation from residents of Detroit African American community
Scope of Replication VERY High (very easy to replicate)
Other ACs should it just before Christmas or on Thanksgiving day
Diversity Indians, Indian-Americans & African-Americans (Men & Women)