Sustainability Award of the Year

Southern California

Measurement Metrics:

  • # of core team compared to last two years : 10
  • # of volunteers compared to last two years : 46 (2010) 25 (2009)
  • $ Gross revenue compared to last two years : $ 4,985 (2009), $11,259 + $1000 (waiting from Time Warner as volunteer grant)
  • # of successful events sustained over the past two years : 2
  • # of outreach activities sustained over the past two years : 6 (NICC, summer picnic, Halloween parade, ITC, Gala Dinner for NET-IP, Artwallah (MVC))

Your Story (500 words maximum):

The most challenging problem for volunteer based non-profits is to sustain its volunteers. CRY SoCal was going through a lull with active volunteers having moved out of state. Southern California in addition has the challenge of the vast landscape making it difficult for volunteers to meet regularly without driving long distances. Despite these challenges, CRY SoCal has been able to sustain and conduct atleast one event a year.

In 2010, we decided to further strengthen our sustainability by investing effort in systematically analyzing our volunteer mobilization with the help of graduate MBA students at UCLA Anderson and developing a plan to recruit and grow the volunteer base.

CRY SoCal participated in the UCLA Anderson Net Impact Consulting Challenge where they helped us analyze our processes and make recommendation to improve volunteer mobilization. Based on their recommendations,

  • we increased number of purpose driven social events round the year,
  • Formalizing organizational structure ( We have leads for most of the areas)
  • Changed our process of engaging volunteers soon after they were introduced to the group
  • Came up with a newsletter design to formalize communication

There are different ways to engage different kind of volunteers. We participated in Artwallah (South Asian art festival) where we got to work directly with children to express their vision for a just world for MVC.

It was finally the walk event where each one of us was focused on one area (Sponsorship, event, run, walk) that brought all together.