Outreach Award of the Year

Southern California


  • # of Facebook events posted : 3 main events (MVC, walk, DJ party) and many volunteer meet-ups.
  • # of Child Rights stories posted on Facebook : We are friends with CRY America facebook page and re-posted all the stories posted by CRY America
  • # of CRY America Blog posts : None
  • # of traditional print/online media articles : None
  • # of community outreach activities (tabling, booths, speaking engagements etc.) : 3 ( India Trade conference, Procon conference, A. R Rehman show)
  • # of non-profit partnerships (e.g. NetIP) : 2 - NET-IP, AID-LA
  • # of schools / universities visited : 2 USC, UCLA
  • # of student chapters affiliated with the AC : Initiated starting CRY chapter in Troy High School
  • # of retirees part of core group : None.

Your Story (500 words maximum):

We have come to realize that successful events need talented and reliable volunteers and you can recruit more volunteers in successful events. To break this cycle, we thought we would have to focus our efforts in recruiting new volunteers and extend our efforts to go beyond fundraising.

Our outreach activities began by participating in Net Impact Consulting challenge (NICC) where UCLA MBA students worked with non-profits to solve real life problems. We've tried to implement some of their recommendations and it has helped us recruit, engage and sustain volunteers.

Soon after that, we participated in India trade conference (ITC) and Procon where we did CRY brand building and spread awareness in local and business community.

We tried to leverage online social media for the first time by launching "Couch to Ouch" health campaign on facebook and twitter and that helped us create some excitement amongst the participants. We also strengthen our partnership with other non-profits by participating in their events and inviting them to our events. We were also awarded a community service award for our work for the South Asian community by NET-IP.

Overall, we feel we have put in great effort in 2010 to go beyond fundraising.