Event Innovation of the Year

San Diego (1)

Drum Circle

Measurement Metrics:

Event: Drum Circle
# of participants: 30
Type and diversity of attendees: Indian and non-Indian - mostly young professionals, some children
Revenue generated : $160
Degree of replicability (1-5) - 4
Media coverage (# of articles) - Social and Online Media including Facebook, NetIP website
http://thegreenelephantdesigns.blogspot.com/p/events.html and,
The event won the NetIP Best Community Event award.

CRY and NetIP San Diego decided to work together on a Community Outreach event. The idea was to create an event that would attract the interest of Indians and non-Indians alike. A Drum Circle in Balboa Park, near the World Beat Center, seemed like just the thing to create a bit of noise, cause a stir and spread the word to an audience already pre-disposed to an interest in world events and causes.

NetIP helped spread the word, and the CRY team took care of logistics like chairs, signs etc. Kat Fulton, a talented musician and music therapist provided a variety of drums and musical instruments from all over the world. Kat Fulton is associated with the American Music Therapy Association, Early Childhood Music and Movement Association, and the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild.

Kat taught everyone some simple world beats, and got things started. Soon over 20 people were drumming and singling. Passers-by began to pause, and a few joined in. A few children started drumming as well, and shaking the shakers. We took a break to talk to the crowd about CRY, and to answer questions. People were very engaged, and asked a lot of intelligent questions. Between Kat teaching rhythms and the CRY team talking about Child Rights in India, the entire drum circle was a symphony of fun for a cause. Almost all the participants made donations and signed up as volunteers. In addition, almost all of them eventually registered for the CRY walk. The 'Green Elephant' - a start up that deals in fair trade and handmade products - sponsored free gifts for the donors. We made contacts with people from other organizations, including AID and ASHA, and agreed to promote and support each other's events. This event got NetIP America award for the best community event award of the year at the NetIp annual conference in Seattle.


We believe this is a great and easy way to engage the community. We are planning to organize more drum circles this year - especially on university campuses.