Walk Event of the Year

New York


  • $ revenue raised through Events Module : ~$14,000
  • $ revenue raised through offline donations : ~$500
  • # of online donors :
  • # and $ of corporate sponsorships (including food, supplies, etc.) : 2, $1000
  • # of Walk teams and participants : 3, 30.
  • # of volunteers involved with the Walk : 15
  • Volunteer motivation efforts (e.g. Facebook campaigns, team building events, etc.) : Emails, conf calls
  • # of family friendly activities conducted during the Walk (henna, face painting etc.) : None
  • Any special efforts to make the Walk enjoyable for the participants : Please read below.
  • # of corporate/non-profit partnerships
  • Publicity (online & offline, TV/media coverage, how early did it start, etc.)
  • At least two media articles.

Your Story (500 words maximum):

The New York Action Center of CRY, America conducted the Walk Event on Saturday, 19 September 2010. Last year it had rained on us nullifying all the hard work that had preceded the event. The venue was Riverside Park on the upper West Manhattan where a beautiful, scenic walk/run trail runs along the Hudson River. Planning and preparations had begun way back in March 2010 and accordingly permits and applications were put in place.

About 80-85 people attended the event. We had 5k competitive Run for sports enthusiasts and a non-competitive 3k fun Walk. The winners for the 5K run were awarded an iPod Shuffle, $25 Starbucks card and $15 Starbucks card, in that order. All participants received an attractive CRY T-shirt and CRY memorabilia.

We had two guests of honor - a former Ms India finalist/actress and a NY entrepreneur - both of them were raised in small towns in India, and are very humble and compassionate. All the participants felt good to be there as part of the noble cause and left with a very positive feeling about CRY.

The highlight of the event was the momentum that had caught on with fundraising, and the inspiration was contagious. Our Revenue Meter was rising by the minute. Every volunteer was seriously involved and together, we raised over $13,000 in individual donations. Funds from the sponsors, Lotus Exim International (our Walk Lead, Rakesh Gupta works here and got this) and Moneygram offset the event costs. We formed partnerships with 3 organizations- WIB (Women in Business) - Baruch College, Fusion Foods and Infosys.

Our volunteers did an amazing job, from fundraising to event logistics to actually conducting the event. The youngest volunteer, Kevin Reshamwala, who is just 13 years old along with his slightly older brother Rohan took so much pride 'manning' the route. Nikhil Mahajan, (who also happens to be our Marketing Mgr, Monica Mahajan's husband) was one of the top fundraisers for CRY America, and both have been very persistent. Each volunteer did their best and worked as a great team to make this event happen to the best of what they possibly could, for most of them this being the first event or the few months as volunteers.

For all practical purposes, this was our first Walk and we are looking forward to scale it up much beyond this.