Event Innovation of the Year

New York

Retail sales contribution


  • Innovation (successful implementation of a new event idea or a new event): New and unique
  • Impact (# of participants, revenue generated, new volunteers obtained, publicity for CRY America, impact on the local area (Indian & non-Indian)) 9 stores, ~$3K, created lot of awareness about CRY America among Indian and non-Indian community.
  • Scope for replication by other ACs: Very doable and very easy.

Measurement Metrics:

  • New event idea/event : Unique and new to CRY America
  • # of participants/attendees : 1 volunteer, 9 Stores
  • Type and diversity of attendees: Non-Indian and Indian wireless customers
  • Revenue generated : ~$3000
  • Degree of replicability (1-5) - how easy would it be for others to organize this event? 2 with 1 being the easiest. We will use it for future retail sales contributions.
  • Media coverage (# of articles) : None. Lot of exposure without using media.

Your Story (500 words maximum):

Our volunteer Charu Mehta, who comes from retail sales and operations background, pursued and implemented this idea. The idea was to target the retailers of Indian origin who are successful and can relate to CRY to contribute to the cause. She approached the retailers in the wireless industry with a proposal on what CRY does and how small contributions can make such a huge difference to the children in India.

One of the retailers, Intouch Concepts Inc, who are premier retailers for Verizon wireless in the NY market liked the idea and submitted the proposal to their Finance department, who finally approved it. InTouch Concepts contributed a dollar for every equipment sold and 50 cents for every accessory sold from selected locations (9 stores) in NY throughout the month of December. This no-cost, no-media, 1 volunteer effort raised about $3000 with just one owner (of course, 9 stores) in this case.

This success story brings to light that there are a lot of retailers in the wireless industry and beyond who are of Indian origin and will be more than willing to contribute. As for NY, we plan to use this as an example to take it to other established retailers in the wireless industry where there are many of Indian origin and hope to replicate with much ease.