Action Center of the Year


  • Gross revenue generated : ~$27,000
  • Expansion/growth in active volunteers/core team: from 6 members to 6 members. NY AC experienced a high amount of volunteer attrition but also a high amount of new team member additions
  • Number of fundraising events conducted: 6
  • Profitability (net revenue/gross revenue): 77.5%
  • Outreach ("going beyond fundraising") efforts (tabling, media/online/community/ retiree/student outreach): 8
  • Participation in national events (Walk, cricket, MVC): NY AC participated successfully in the Walk, as well as , successfully, in CRYket

Measurement Metrics:

  • $ amount of revenue generated ~$27,000
  • # of active volunteers: Core team members = 6, total number of event-based volunteers= 25
  • # of successful fundraising events conducted: 6
  • # of national events participated in: 2 (Walk, CRYket)
  • # of outreach efforts: 8
  • % increase in size of core team over past year: 0%
  • % increase in Profitability (net revenue/gross revenue) over past year: ? 67.4%
  • % increase in gross revenues over past year:? 36.5%
  • % increase in outreach efforts over past year: ? Changed shape and form.

Your Story (500 words maximum):

The NY Action Center has highly motivated core volunteers, as well as a large community of dedicated event-based volunteers. While the nature of a New York-based AC consisting of full-time working professionals results in its own unique challenges, we still have managed to pull off some of the most successful and impactful outreach and fundraising events to date. Through the tireless efforts of our dedicated team, we managed to raise the second highest amount of revenue (1st being Seattle) for CRY America in 2010 in an economically difficult year. CRY NY AC has seen a profitable year of well-attended holiday mixer events, several prestigious tabling appointments, an inspired return of the NY AC-innovated Children's Fair, and a popular and highly anticipated CRYket debut. Having surmounted the hurdles faced by every other AC in the nation, in addition to those born of the realities of existing in New York City, the NY AC is proud to conclude another successful year, and yet is in no way prepared to become complacent about the year ahead. As long as a child is denied a single one of the fundamental rights of existence, the NY AC is going to be there alongside CRY America, fighting in any way possible for the voice of that child to never be stifled again.
(Story contributed by Laura Lazar)