Event Innovation of the Year


CRY Frankfort - KPL 2010

CRY Action center was established in Frankfort in early 2009. Frankfort is a small city with a limited Indian population. Under the guidance of CRY America, a core group was established by March 2009 and several events were planned for the year with CRYket-2009 being our first event. It was a successful event and all the participant teams expressed interest in future events.

After IPL became such a run away hit across the world, CRY-Frankfort action center conceived the idea of KPL (Kentucky Premier League) CRYket 2009 which was continued in 2010. Following the same format of IPL, we had some interesting inclusions like teams having their own names and having bowl-outs as the deciding factor for ties. Teams from Lexington, Louisville, Richmond and Frankfort participated in the event. All the participants were pretty excited and enthusiastic to participate in this format of cricket for the first time. With 12 teams, 8 players and 8 overs each, it was a very competitive and interesting concept which could be easily replicated for other action centers. Everything related to this event was thoroughly documented and was subsequently shared with all AC's.

Apart from ~120 participants, this event had an audience of 180-200 people who came from nearby cities. In addition to the gripping cricket games, we engaged the audience with nice music and other fun activities. We conducted several games for children and those were a huge success. We also set up few booths for the following:

  • Increase CRY Awareness
  • To explain the game to people who are not familiar with it
  • Mehndi
  • Food counters
  • Prize distribution

After months of planning coupled with great marketing efforts we could keep the expenses to ~2.5% of the net generated revenues as we were able to influence local businesses to provide most of the things needed for the event (food, coupons, prizes etc). This helped us in generated more revenue for CRY and keeping the event expenses very low.

Frankfort Action center's KPL Cryket 2010
Event Name # of Participants
and audience
Revenue Expenses Degree of replicability
Cricket and other Children events ~300 ~4,000 ~100 5

In addition to the donations and registration fees, we also received material contributions that exceeded $1000 for this event and this was not included in the above revenue chart. Also, we are left with enough inventories to conduct one more cricket tournament and hoping that our expenses would be low in 2011 as well.

We used our action center website extensively to communicate with participants, sponsors and our publicity. We also worked with Lexmark and printed several posters which were distributed in key places of Frankfort, Lexington, Louisville and nearby cities and this helped us in spreading the word. We received a tremendous response because of our multi thronged publicity efforts. We also engaged TV9 and other local media outlet to extensively publicize this event.

CRY Frankfort started off in 2009 with 3 core members and thanks to events like CRYket, we now have a very strong volunteer base. We currently have 19 key volunteers including 6 core members. We can easily say that CRY now has a firm base in Frankfort and Richmond and CRYket played a key role in that. We not only raised a decent amount but also increased the awareness of CRY and penetrated our local community. In all exuberance and joy we are proud to say that KPL 2011 is greatly awaited in Frankfort.


CRY Frankfort acknowledges the help received from CRY central leadership for their encouragement.