New Action Center of the Year

Eastern Washington

Last year we conducted four events, out of which three were National Level events - the CRY Walk, CRY MVC, CRYKet and CRY Picnic. We generated $4962 in total revenue in 2010 and we had 5 volunteers helping us.

CRY Picnic - We started CRY Eastern WA with the CRY Picnic event. What we did right:-

  • Got food sponsored by the different families.
  • We did a proper brainstorming on the events for the picnic. We had a whole 'Minute to Win it' section, which became so popular that we could not get time to conduct our other events.
  • Good publicity:- We tried many sources - emails, FB, word of mouth and posters in all our office buildings.

CRY MVC event - our second successful event. We did it at the Amistad Elementary School. We had given kids the task of making their art work. They were given about a week at the end of May to finish it. At the end of the week, Akshai, our MVC coordinator was asked to give a presentation on CRY to all the grades. We locally judged the art work. A local art teacher, a professional cello player and a local scientist, apart from 4 CRY volunteers judged the art work. We presented the prizes and certificates at the school's year end picnic.

CRY Cricket - This was the first time someone did something like this in Eastern WA. We got 6 teams from all over Eastern WA to come attend and play in our event. We got the Spokane cricket club president to become our advisor. They had done a similar event and it was way more successful than ours. We printed tickets ahead of time, with the cry logo on it. This helped us sell it before hand, and even though people did not show up.

CRY Walk - we had a great walk day. Even though turnout was low, 2 of our online fundraisers were among the Top 15 in the country!