Event Innovation of the Year

Eastern Washington


Our CRY MVC event was done in a very innovative way. We did it at the Amistad Elementary School. We had given kids the task of making their art work. They were given about a week at the end of May to finish it.

At the end of the week, Akshai, our MVC coordinator was asked to give a presentation on CRY to all the grades. He divided kids as per names of Nations, some poor, some rich. He gave a disproportionately large number of candies to the kids who represented the richer nations, and very minimal to the ones who were the poor nations. The kids immediately got the idea of unfairness and were all angry and emotional about how richer nations should do more for kids around the world. So the presentations went great.

We locally judged the art work. A local art teacher, a professional cello player and a local scientist, apart from 4 CRY volunteers judged the art work.

We presented the prizes and certificates at the school's year end picnic. Thanks to CRY Eastern WA's event, the school decided to keep 'Community Service' as the theme of the picnic this year. They had invited other local non-profits as well to the picnic in keeping with the theme. All the organizations were given a booth at the picnic. Dr Harold Kirkham was invited by us to present the awards and he gave an excellent speech to the kids about the importance of math, science and community service in their lives. The kids loved his speech and their excitement at getting the trophies and certificates was amazing.