Cricket Event of the Year

Eastern Washington

Our event was a big success and we can say we changed the face of cricket in Eastern WA for sure! We had 6 teams participating, and they all came from all over Eastern WA. We had the MVP of NW Cricket League playing in our tournament.

  1. Since we were doing it for the first time, we had to struggle a lot with finding the contacts for league players etc. It was a little challenging to find the contacts considering no one we knew played league level cricket. But with effort from Amit (cricket lead), we finally could get hold of them.
  2. Attending the weekly calls and documents from Srinivas helped a lot. We got information on the ground insurance from the group files. Inputs like booking the event date looking at the league calendar, publishing a cricket article before the event all helped a lot.
  3. We got the Spokane Cricket Club president to become our advisor. They had done a similar event and it was way more successful than ours. His words and inputs helped a lot. We printed tickets ahead of time, with the cry logo on it. This helped us sell it before hand, and even though people did not show up, we had already sold them the ticket. And some people came just cause we sold them the ticket!
  4. We kept food as part of the event, which we cooked by ourselves. The ticket price included the lunch.

Ultimately everyone loved the lovely day of cricket including the locals.