Sustainability Award of the Year


Detroit Action Center has been one of the frontrunner action centers of the year. However Year 2010 was a struggle for the city as well as action center. Detroit being the epicenter of the financial downturn affected the activities substantially. The year started with a positive spirit and our first event - a DJ Party generated $ 1748 hosting around 125 people. It was good outreach activity for us. However as the year progressed, we had to adjust our upcoming events considering the local conditions. The Signature CRY Detroit Fund raising dinner was postponed to next year after carefully doing the cost benefit analysis about profitability and feasibility. The overall expense for event was $ 3000 and we were not expecting that much revenue. During mid year the next event scheduled CRY Annual Walk was also in deep waters. AC Lead was unable to devote much time to action center due to other personal commitments, so Core team as well as the event lead stepped up and prepared for the event. The Event went well and we were able to generate revenue of $ 4787 as well as event participation of 70 people in the event. The best feature about the event apart from generation of revenue was that we were able to utilize our experience from previous years as well as the Walk national committee and reduce the expenses for event substantially. The actual profitability for all events from Detroit action center was 98 %. After the walk we were able to participate in four outreach events (booth at Schoolcraft college Garba program, MichCA cricket match booth, Oakland University and Michigan University Lansing). The last activity of year was particularly close to most of the volunteers and formed a bonding event as well as goodwill generation for action center. Being the partner of Burns Elementary school, we organized Gift of Kindness program for the second time where we collected 127 toys and donated to school children. The smiles and sparkles in the eyes of children receiving the toys was the most valuable experience and volunteers were able to relate how their work is able to bring similar smiles for Indian children as well from our fund raising activities. Overall it was a year of struggle but a good example of sustainability after understanding and accepting ground realities and modifying our decisions accordingly.