Outreach Award of the Year


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The core mission to reach out to the community and social awareness for CRY America have been one of the top priorities of the Detroit action center. The first event of the year DJ Dance party hosted around 125 people. The second good opportunity for us was setting up booths at local universities. First was at Garba dance program where our volunteers were able to get one booth without any cost involved. The good part about the event was that we were the only non-profit organization present at the event. It gave us good visibility of around 400 people who attended the event. We setup booth at a local cricket league final match and were able to generate some buzz among people there. The main outcome of the event was that we were able to tie up with MICHCA (Michigan Cricket Association) which apart from donating $100, decided to do a media partnership with us. They are now actively sending and promoting our events to their group and we are also doing the same for them. In year 2011, we are planning to do a Cricket Charity match with the help of MichCA and hopefully the partnership will help us further extend our reach to more people. Due to efforts of Apoorv particularly, we are able to create two more Student chapters in Detroit. First one was Michigan State University Student chapter which kicked off their first meeting in October. Volunteers from CRY Detroit visited their kickoff meeting to extend support as well as some guidance to new chapter. Second student chapter was University of Michigan Ann Arbor Student chapter which started their activity at around same time. They have some good events planned for year 2011 and hopefully will be one of the leading student chapters of CRY America. The last outreach activity was truly more than our fund raising function and all volunteers felt more connected to cause we support. We organized program "Gift of Kindness" where we collected Christmas toys for local underprivileged children from Burns Elementary school. We were initially planning to cover just one class, however due to good response we were able to extend it to two classes (around 127 children) were able to receive a small token of happiness from our side. Social media (particularly Facebook and Twitter) have been continuously used by our action center for all of our activities. It has been a major source of revenue and advertisement for our followers in group as well as sharing informative articles which we receive from CRY America as well as CRY India.