Winner of Action Center of the Year Award 2009 - Seattle Action Center


Key Metrics:

  • Total number of volunteers: 40
  • Total number of core volunteers: 10
  • Number of new volunteers added: 15
  • Number of events: 8
  • Funds raised: Approximately $400,000 in 2009 (~$400,000 in 2008 too)
  • Profitability (Profit/Revenue) ratio of 87%.

Your Story:

The Seattle Action Centre has grown from strength to strength in the past 10+ years it has been in existence. Today, the Seattle AC has over 40 volunteers, with around 15 new volunteers coming in every year. 2009 was a particularly challenging year for the Seattle AC, with the state of the economy. Despite the loss of key volunteers to work and personal reasons, we soldiered ahead, and managed to get through a tough economic year without a serious drop in revenues. Some key accomplishments for this year included:
  • Uphaar 2009 refreshed our annual dinner and flagship event with a new format and venue, raising $120,000 in a tough economy with the odds stacked against us
  • High volunteer retention and new volunteer induction rate
  • Two events (short film competition, essay+painting competition) as part of My Vision Campaign with over 30 entries overall highest entries across CRY America
  • Volunteer social activities to improve volunteer bonding, including a picnic and movie nights
  • Streamlined website design to re-use code and templates etc. for creating newer sites, allowing newer volunteers to easily on-board and contribute
  • Active recruiting drive for specific activities including website and sponsorships
  • Documented existing processes to improve knowledge retention in the volunteer group, and improved document repository using a Google Sites website