Award Name: Event Innovation Award of the Year 2009


Event: CRY Detroit-Annual Fundraising Dinner

Measurement Metrics:

  • We had 175 attendees at the event
  • It was a diverse crowd with Indians, Americans and African Americans.
  • The gross revenue was $16,654

In 2009, CRY Detroit held its 4th Annual Fundraising Dinner. This year, we stepped up our involvement as volunteers and made it a completely formal event. We took the lead to become table captains and made sure every guest present at the event felt welcome.

This year’s dinner was special as we had the CRY America President, Shefali Sunderlal, herself give the keynote speech. We also had presentations from Shauna and Derek who toured India and gave a first-hand account of their impressions of children in India. The teacher from Burns Elementary School also gave a small speech highlighting how our monetary help was taking shape in the school.

The fundraising was obviously the key aspect of the dinner. We had an on-going silent auction through the evening and we managed to sell every single item on the table. We managed to raise $16,000+ in funds at the dinner.

The entertainment was exceptional. We had children from Laasya School of Dance perform to a wide variety of traditional dances from India. We also had Utsav, a local Indian group, set the tone for the evening and the open dance floor after the dinner.

Raising funds was the main idea for the dinner. However, we raised something more than just money. We raised the level of consciousness in everyone. We raised the level of commitment in everyone. We raised the level of belonging and the level of connectedness.

When we parted that night with aching feet and innumerable fun memories, we knew we had made a positive difference in the lives of children we most likely will not get to meet. We had managed to give the phenomenon of unconditional compassion another boost of momentum.