Runner Up of Action Center of the Year Award 2009 - Detroit Action Center



  • Revenue growth over previous years
    • Gross revenue $5000 (2006), $12,000 (2007), $30,000 (2008), $32,330 (2009)
  • Expansion/growth in active volunteers / core team
    • 4 (2006), 14 (2007), 15 (2008) 15 (2009)
    • Distribution list has 100+ names now compared to 23 in 2007
  • Expansion in patron/donors
    • We have no way of tracking donors at our AC level. We did increase revenue from Corporate Sponsorships significantly in 2009 over previous years.
  • Expansion in diversity of donor-base
    • We significantly reached outside the Indian community in 2009. We made presentations in Burns Elementary School.
  • Profitability (net revenue/gross revenue)
    • $26,950/ $ 32,330 = 83. 4% (2009)
    • $22,000/$30,000 = 73.3% (2008)
    • $8655/$12,019 = 72% (2007)
  • Increase in revenues from events
    • $32,330, in 2009 compared to $30,000 in 2008 (10%)
  • Enhanced media visibility and coverage
    • A radio program interview profiled us in 2009. It is archived at (About Us In the Media)
    • We also wrote several blogs after out events (click on Blog at our website)
Measurement Metrics:
  • % increase in size of core team over past year: 15 (2009) vs 15 (2008). The increase would have been much greater if we hadn't lost 5 volunteers to relocation to India and other states due to Michigan's poor economy.
  • % increase in Profitability over past year: 83.4% (2009) compared to 73.3% (2008) note that we actually increased our gross revenue in 2009 compared to 2008 in spite of the economy being in recession.
  • % increase in gross revenues over past year: $32,330 (2009) vs. $30,000 (2008) +10%
Your Story:

CRY Detroit has come a very long way since 2008. As is well-known, operating in Metro Detroit in the tumultuous economic times has not been easy. We lost a lot of volunteers to the economy as most moved out of the state or just moved back to India for good.

The year of 2009 started off on a high note when we visited Burns Elementary School in Detroit. While this event was postponed from 2008, it set the right tone for the year that was to come. The year of 2009 was another successful year in the history of CRY Detroit.

We went through a small election and now we have a new president and other committee leads. Apart from the already existing committees (Events, Fundraising, Community Outreach and Website), we established an advisory board that is of immense help in spreading awareness of our existence in Metro Detroit.

We organized five major events over the year. These included the annual Walk for Child Rights, Fundraising dinner, Bells of Hope (an Indian cultural dance program by children) and two DJ dance parties. We stepped up the Walk as we made it a competitive one for the first time in the history of CRY Detroit. The response to that was definitely a boost.

Our partnership with Burns Elementary is an on-going event with us making sure they are up-to-date with our efforts in their school as well as spreading the word. Our outreach activities were an on-going process with some of our volunteers represented CRY Detroit as a team for another charity and also with spreading the word at India Day events throughout the city. We also gave presentations at Oakland University and we now have a CRY Club at the university.

We have definitely lost quite a few volunteers but we managed to get new ones and keep the number steady. Irrespective of the few hiccups, we have managed to raise significant amount of donations for CRY and that has been a notch up from the year 2008. We are hoping that we will be able to increase the momentum in the coming year as well.