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Harishanker Nagarajan

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I will be joining walker from different walks of life on October 20, 2013 for a 5k walk event organized by Child Rights and You (CRY), America, at Lost Creek Park, Sugarland, TX in an effort to raise money for a worthy cause, Child Rights!

Allow me to walk you through the wonderful organization, CRY, which does exceptional work in promoting child rights. CRY is not about charity, but it’s about bringing a change, a lasting positive change, to ensure that all children have a childhood! This truly commendable vision of CRY is why I am a supporter and volunteer of the organization. A truly admirable cause, in my opinion, and a basic right that all children are entitled to. Childhood, something that a lot of us took for granted, a period when right to education, a life free from abuse, free from labor, free from corporal punishment, and a period where one is nurtured and allowed to develop to ones full potential. The model that CRY America has adopted is one of rights based approach. Only with active involvement of local community in the program can there be sustainable change to the plight of millions of underprivileged children.

If you need further information about the organization and/or what it does, do visit the CRY website

If you live in and around Houston or can make it to Houston, then do come down and have a wonderful time and in the process help this estimable cause. Do help out by making a generous donation to this wonderful organization, CRY. No amount is too small, every bit helps in bringing about that positive change in a child’s life.





Walk to houston will be a bit far for us. But we are there in spirit.

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Top Ten Donors

1. Girish $ 100.00
2. manoj $ 50.00
3. amit $ 50.00
4. Lekshmi $ 50.00
5. Anand $ 45.00
6. Apoorv $ 45.00
7. Mathews $ 45.00
8. Govind $ 30.00

Event Fundraisers

1. Swati Sachdev $ 5230.00
2. Dharam Bali $ 1730.00
3. Harishanker Nagarajan $ 415.00
4. Lekshmi Radhakrishnan $ 295.00