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Shweta Krishnan

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It takes only $30 dollars a year to send a child to school in India. Unfortunately, roughly 40% of Indian families hardly make a dollar a day.

Children born into these homes don’t see the insides of a school room. Many of them are forced to work in factories, diamond mines, construction sites and brick kilns. Others resort to domestic labor. Some of them take to begging on the streets. Hundreds of these children are victims of physical and sexual abuse. Many succumb to malnutrition and infectious diseases, like Malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia.

Since 1979, CRY has fought hard to make a difference in their lives. We fight against exploitation, and work hard to earn them a right to health, education and expression. But we cannot fight this battle without your donations!

Here’s how you can help! Every year in August, CRY America organizes walks in 20 cities across the U.S. to raise awareness and funds. But, during this time, we also hope you might want to donate some money to kids through our fund-raising campaigns on the internet (like this one :) ) This helps send a few kids to school.

I appreciate whatever you can donate through this fund-rasising page! Every dollar counts toward the 1000 dollars I am trying to raise. Remember it take only $30 to send a child to school for a year. I hope you can help give someone a better chance at life. 

Thank you! 


Shweta Krishnan

I support this event

Our Annual CRY Walk for Child Rights event is being organized across 15 cities in 2013 - bringing hundreds of individuals together with the belief that 'Change is possible, because we will make it possible'. Let's all come together and work towards the day when all children will have their rights to live, learn, grow and play!

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Top Ten Donors

1. Stephanie $ 100.00
2. Ranjini $ 45.00
3. Krishnan $ 45.00
4. Katherine $ 35.00
5. Shweta $ 30.00
6. Ramesh $ 30.00

Event Fundraisers

1. Janet Rajan $ 1200.00
2. shefali sunderlal $ 1049.00
3. Chandreyee lahiri $ 658.00
4. Judhajit De $ 613.00
5. bharath sundararaman $ 306.00
6. Shweta Krishnan $ 285.00
7. Bhairavi Jani $ 210.00
8. Smrithi Parameswar $ 192.00
9. Kiruthika Subramanian $ 152.00
10. Alison LeBrun $ 60.00
11. anurag Juneja $ 27.00
12. sriram narayan $ 20.00
13. Mahesh Subramanian $ 0.00