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Rakesh Gupta

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My Reason to Walk

During the Childrens’ Fair the other day, a kid was curious to know why we have to walk to raise money. A discussion ensued, no kidding, he was a knowledgeable kid. Eventually, he nodded in agreement when I mentioned that a walk or a run is a symbol of solidarity for the cause. All of us who are here walking or running the route or just spending some quality time with friends and family are conveying only one message, “We are with you”. I am sure I have made another friend and the kid will turn up for the event.


I walk because I want to express my solidarity with the cause to help restore underprivileged and marginalized children their basic human rights – to food, water, shelter, healthcare and education. Come, be part of this unique opportunity to create a lasting change in the lives of millions of marginalized children.


Please support my efforts to help children by making a donation or joining the 5Km Walk/Run. The resources raised through CRY Walk 2009 will be utilized to partner child development projects in India and USA. We urge you to take a walk in the right direction ... and help me reach my target.


Your efforts will help CRY, America fund tens of projects to bring sustainable developments and offer free programs and services to improve the quality of life for children. By being a part of the Walk, we are joining a worldwide movement to help secure our future generations.


Rakesh Gupta

I support this event

Our Annual CRY Walk for Child Rights event is being organized across 15 cities in 2013 - bringing hundreds of individuals together with the belief that 'Change is possible, because we will make it possible'. Let's all come together and work towards the day when all children will have their rights to live, learn, grow and play!

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Top Ten Donors

1. Ritu $ 108.00
2. Nutan $ 100.00
3. Harish $ 100.00
4. Siddharth $ 27.00
5. bharti $ 27.00
6. Rakesh $ 25.00

Event Fundraisers

1. Sunny Bhardwaj $ 631.00
2. Rakesh Gupta $ 387.00
3. vivek rao $ 287.00
4. Ami Patel $ 126.00
5. Kreeanne Rabadi $ 70.00
6. Malvika Gupta $ 57.00
7. Janaki Talati $ 54.00
8. Tabrez Rajani $ 18.00
9. Amee Parikh $ 0.00
10. Sruti Dhulipala $ 0.00
11. Mayuri Ghosh $ 0.00
12. Shuchi Lange $ 0.00