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Sonika Vatsa

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Sonika Vatsa and I am a 16 year old volunteer at the organization CRY. CRY is an organization that raises money for children in India, suffering in poverty, to get education and healthcare.

Every year I have gone to India and seen children in poverty begging on the streets, knocking on the car windows to get a little bit of money so that they can have a meal tonight. These children cannot get a job because they are not educated and as a result they are stuck in the unfortunate cycle of poverty. These children our the future and therefore we must help them to get out of this cycle. That is what CRY does. It raises money to give these children what they need most, education and healthcare, to get out of this cycle and be able to live their life to the fullest of their potential. These children are the future and therefore, we must come together and help CRY accomplish its goal!



Good job Sonika! - Bindia Aunty


Dear Sonika all the best and have a great walkathon !! will walk with you next year!!


Great cause you have taken up! Renu Aunty

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Top Ten Donors

1. Suman $ 100.00
2. Raj and Sushma $ 50.00
3. Denesh $ 50.00
4. Renu $ 50.00
5. Alka $ 50.00
6. Bindia $ 27.00
7. nandita $ 27.00
8. Shailja $ 25.00
9. Karan $ 25.00
10. Nupur $ 25.00

Event Fundraisers

1. Nikita Bhatia $ 4675.00
2. Dylan Staats $ 808.00
3. Sonika Vatsa $ 554.00
4. Michael Kumar $ 150.00
5. Miana Lew $ 40.00
6. Melody Tashjian $ 0.00