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Nikita Bhatia

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Hi everyone,

My name is Nikita Bhatia and I'm a 17 year old student who strives to fight for a cause some people forget. Children. As many people say, "Children are the future." A future we should all be worried about. 1.5 million children in India are currently suffering under impoverished conditions. Female infants are murdered before they're born, their fetuses sometimes fed to animals. Child marriages prevent both male and female children from pursuing their goals and dreams. Girl children are prevented from going to school, forever left as uneducated and uncivilized. With the state of children in India, what is the future of this country going to look like?

If you are like many of the individuals living in America today, you are successful and educated. Could you imagine living your childhood craving for a crumb of bread? Please support these children, they need you most.

Help create long-lasting change for these children. Join me in attending the 3rd annual CRY New Jersey 2013 Walk for Child Rights and help support a note-worthy cause. 

Please help me reach my goal of providing healthcare and education to all of the children in 10 villages in India! Click the Donate button to donate to the cause or the Register button to attend the walk!

Nikita Bhatia

I support this event

Our Annual CRY Walk for Child Rights event is being organized across 15 cities in 2013 - bringing hundreds of individuals together with the belief that 'Change is possible, because we will make it possible'. Let's all come together and work towards the day when all children will have their rights to live, learn, grow and play!

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Top Ten Donors

1. Nikita $ 370.00
2. Ravinder $ 200.00
3. Sonal $ 101.00
4. Mala $ 100.00
5. Ravinder $ 100.00
6. Harmohinder $ 51.00
7. Ashok $ 50.00
8. Geeta $ 50.00
9. Anjna $ 50.00
10. Reena $ 50.00

Event Fundraisers

1. Nikita Bhatia $ 4675.00
2. Dylan Staats $ 808.00
3. Sonika Vatsa $ 554.00
4. Michael Kumar $ 150.00
5. Miana Lew $ 40.00
6. Melody Tashjian $ 0.00