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Nirupama Prakash Kumar

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I had become very busy with life especially my MBA. And it had been a long time since I had been itching to do my part. So here goes. 

I am glad for folks like CRY America who make it possible for me to do my share to help the cause of the most vulnerable members of a society - its children. 

And I am also glad for events like Walk that help publicize an organization and help folks like me individually raise funds.

And so I request you all, my network of friends and family to please help me in this quest. Any contribution big or small will go a long way in changing a child's life for ever.

I have been a volunteer for CRY in Delhi and know about the great work they do on the ground. Hopefully this time I can help fund more of those efforts.



Good luck with a great cause!


Fantastic Good work Niru!



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Top Ten Donors

1. Vikram $ 145.00
2. Ching Yee Aliana $ 100.00
3. Shrushti $ 100.00
4. Abhijit $ 100.00
5. Alexander $ 60.00
6. Willy $ 60.00
7. Ilango $ 57.00
8. Anand $ 50.00
9. Sindhu $ 50.00
10. Udayan $ 50.00

Event Fundraisers

1. Nirupama Prakash Kumar $ 1866.00
2. Archana Jayakumar $ 770.00
3. Swetha Manda $ 515.00