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Sarveshwar Rao

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Each one of us have a noble heart. One that can feel compassion for others. One that melts with empathy when we see someone else suffer. Each one of us is equally kind. Sometimes we on our own take the time to transform our noble thoughts into a noble deed. Sometimes we help someone spontaneously when we see that the other person needs help.

Do you remember the last time you contributed to a good cause or helped someone, the amazing experience you felt when the heart swells with self-respect that 'hey I did this good deed'. That experience stays with us for a long time and everytime we think about that we feel happy.  CRY is doing a fundraiser 5K walk/run event to help under-privileged children in India. We could use your help to raise some money, by either joining us in the walk or run on the beautiful Santa Monica beach or if time/other commitments dont permit, just donate some money by clicking on the Donate bubble.

I sincerely hope you will consider this cause and do what you feel you can to contribute. Just as acres of farm land get nourished by tiny rain-drops, your individual contribution will make many children live a better life.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need more information.


Sarveshwar Rao

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Our Annual CRY Walk for Child Rights event is being organized across 15 cities in 2013 - bringing hundreds of individuals together with the belief that 'Change is possible, because we will make it possible'. Let's all come together and work towards the day when all children will have their rights to live, learn, grow and play!

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Top Ten Donors

1. Strata Audio $ 250.00

Event Fundraisers

1. Archana Rajan $ 1501.00
2. Percy Presswalla $ 1173.00
3. lakshman anatharam $ 1035.00
4. Gunjan Sharma $ 939.00
5. Payal Shah $ 909.00
6. Heena Rastogi $ 839.00
7. Sol Garcia $ 747.00
8. Pooja Daftary $ 557.00
9. Sarveshwar Rao $ 305.00
10. Pinal Kantawala $ 226.00
11. Anish Kantawala $ 211.00
12. manasa mucherla $ 207.00
13. Pallavi Rightious $ 70.00
14. Tarun Tripathi $ 67.00
15. Sahitya Kollu $ 10.00
16. David Isaacs $ 0.00