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Heena Rastogi

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It's that time of year again, when CRY is leading the 5k Run/Walk to raise funds to bring change in lives of underprivileged children :)

So, Why am I doing this ?

  • I want to be fit ..double benefit by running for the cause and loose some pounds.

  • I am lucky to have an amazing family filled with love and some $$ .I never had to think or crave for anything (except more chocolates) during my childhood.I am thankful to God for making my childhood so special.So it’s time I should stand up and at least try to bring change in lives of children back home and help them to have a better childhood.

  • Did I tell you I have lots of super duper awesome friends who will support me for the cause.So I am helping them earn some good points too :)

What is CRY ?

CRY Southern California Action Center was started on 01 August 2004 with the motto “Together WE will make a difference” in the lives of the many underprivileged children. We at the CRY Southern California Action Center are actively involved in raising awareness about the cause and conducting various fund raising events throughout the year. As enjoyable as every CRY event is, it also proves to be catalytic. It jump-starts the dormant notion of wanting to contribute, into positive action. Our goal at CRY SoCal is to act as the link between two different worlds, and engage the multi-faceted and hugely diverse community that comprises Southern California towards finding concrete ways to contribute to child welfare.

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and why would you donate ?

  • to be part of change, together we can bring smiles in the lives of many children.

  • because I am a good frined of yours and every penny you donate I will give you Extra huge hug .

  • for Good Karma, you can do prebooking in Heaven by supporting me today :D !

  • Run with me , register for the event.Together we can and we will shed those extra ounces.

Event Information:

Date: Nov 17,2013

Venue: Crescent Bay Park,Santa monica

Some helpful Facts:

On an average, we spend

$30 for movie tickets a month,

$ 60 per month on coffee,

$ 200 per month for dinner outside.

Do you know how much it takes for education and healthcare for a child for one whole year in India? It just takes $27.

It just takes $250 to educate and support an entire class for a year.

Would you like to be a change agent who acknowledges the current situation of under privileged children and takes steps to change it?



We would have loved to run along with you for this great cause! Nonetheless, we are there with you ...


Hi. The website now has Hawaii in the list of states!

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Top Ten Donors

1. Ryan $ 127.00
2. Abhinav $ 101.00
3. Saket $ 100.00
4. Vishal Kumar $ 100.00
5. Sowmya $ 30.00
6. Saurabh $ 27.00
7. NITIN $ 27.00
8. Suneesh $ 27.00
9. Gunjan $ 18.00

Event Fundraisers

1. Archana Rajan $ 1501.00
2. Percy Presswalla $ 1173.00
3. lakshman anatharam $ 1035.00
4. Gunjan Sharma $ 939.00
5. Payal Shah $ 909.00
6. Heena Rastogi $ 839.00
7. Sol Garcia $ 747.00
8. Pooja Daftary $ 557.00
9. Sarveshwar Rao $ 305.00
10. Pinal Kantawala $ 226.00
11. Anish Kantawala $ 211.00
12. manasa mucherla $ 207.00
13. Pallavi Rightious $ 70.00
14. Tarun Tripathi $ 67.00
15. Sahitya Kollu $ 10.00
16. David Isaacs $ 0.00