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Dheeraj Mehta

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It’s that time of the year again!  Time for me to run for 5 kilometers, and you to donate. :)

CRY is doing some really awesome work for the benefits of children, and the children back in India need every bit of your support.  During my recent project visit, I noticed how the basic human rights like citizenship, light, electricity, water, and education are scarce even in a metropolitan area like Delhi.  CRY empowers local NGOs working in their areas with financial, legal, and educational support.  The problem space is too big, and we need to stand together if we want to make this world a better place.

So, I request you to share this with your friends, and families.  Ask them to donate, and help me meet my target (and, even beyond).  Make this your personal project to find 5 people among your circle who donate, and ask them to share this further.  Do remember – no donation is small donation.  Every single penny will take us closer.  This is not going to be easy for you, and you will have to repeatedly ask your friends, but neither is the cause.  :)

If you wish to register for the run, or start your own fundraiser:

If you wish to read about the Seattle Action Center of CRY America:

If you want to know about the projects supported by CRY America:

P.S. – It’s not easy for me to do a 5K either.  The only time I run is when the Ice-Cream truck is doing 60!  



Bhaag Mehta bhaag


Good luck Dheeraj! You're going to be fabulous. :)


Great Work Dheeraj! I'll try and forward this to my friends and family :)

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Top Ten Donors

1. Nitin $ 100.00
2. Shilpi $ 100.00
3. Ankit $ 100.00
4. Sukriti $ 100.00
5. Uday $ 50.00
6. Yogesh $ 50.00
7. Anupam $ 50.00
8. Varun $ 45.00
9. Hardik $ 30.00
10. Lavanya $ 27.00

Event Fundraisers

1. Suhasini Pratapagiri $ 3160.00
2. Arya Arav $ 2180.00
3. Paresh Mundade $ 1391.00
4. Sivaharsha Mogili $ 902.00
5. Dheeraj Mehta $ 733.00
6. Sumeet Swami $ 596.00
7. Kalyan Pentapalli $ 592.00
8. jahnavi sunil $ 471.00
9. Sandesh Edara $ 168.00
10. Prabita Pottorff $ 128.00
11. Abhishek Shrivastava $ 25.00
12. Madhulika Gadde $ 10.00
13. PareshTest test $ 0.00
14. Madhulika Gadde $ 0.00