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Apoorv Agarwal

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Every child has a right. A right to opportunity. A right to have the chance to lead a fulfilling life. A well intentioned contribution from those of us who have been fortunate enough to have the chance and opportunity, might just create these for a child.

CRY provides that opportunity for children who are born into destitution in India and the US. It takes very little to support a child for a year or support a health-care worker for a whole village. CRY America has been executing projects for more than ten years and is making a tangible difference one community at a time.

We request you to be generous and use this opportunity to make that change without moving from your computer. You can do so by donating towards our fundraising goal, or just registering for the walk and/or becoming a fundraiser yourself. Use the links on the left to pick how you would like to participate.

Thank you for taking the time to make a difference in the life of a child!

Please donate generously to help us reach our target and irreversibly change the lives of countless children.

Apoorv & Sunita



Glad you're doing this, Apoorv!


Keeo up the great work -Apoorv and Sunitha


This donation is from Parul Agarwal and Anuj Bhatia

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Top Ten Donors

1. Celine & Glen $ 500.00
2. Elizabeth $ 200.00
3. Monika $ 200.00
4. Anuj $ 195.00
5. Bruce $ 102.00
6. Rajni $ 101.00
7. Sanat $ 100.00
8. Jane $ 90.00
9. Satinder $ 50.00
10. CHARMY $ 50.00

Event Fundraisers

1. Girish Rao $ 3517.00
2. Apoorv Agarwal $ 1918.00
3. Nisha Gupta $ 1275.00
4. Ishan Taparia $ 749.00
5. Navrung Expressions $ 501.00
6. Nikhil Sagar $ 500.00
7. Jesus Cortes $ 135.00
8. Krutik Bajani $ 110.00
9. Krishna Dudella $ 50.00
10. Sonia Guleria $ 30.00
11. Apoorv Nigam $ 0.00
12. Sam Wold $ 0.00
13. vinay sareen $ 0.00