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On this occasion, we would like you to make a donation to CRY America. You will not only bring joy to us but to thousands of underprivileged children.

Let Her Fly

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Children around the world suffer from inadequate healthcare. Unfortunately, many people have no idea about this dilemma, or simply do not see any reason to help because they feel that it cannot benefit them in return. By participating in the "Let Her Fly" campaign, we can work towards making this issue a prominent topic worldwide. This campaign targets the rights of young girls (which can be applied across all children) because in India, the issues targeting a young girl are endless. They often do not receive proper education, they are more often forced into child labor, and the worst of all, they usually do not recieve proper healthcare in comparison to their male counterparts. This restricts them to be able to realize their full potential and move forward in life. By participating in this campaign, we can make a difference in these young girls' lives for the better and ensure their rights. 

Please reference the link below for more information on the "Let Her Fly" campaign.

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