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Birthday is a special day. Instead of a gift, make a donation to CRY America. It will not only bring joy to us but to thousands of underprivileged children.

Adya's 7th Birthday

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Adya has decided to forego her birthday gifts and requests  that you kindly donate to this fundraiser for helpings kids in need. She feels very lucky that she gets to go to school and that she and her family get to have nice things like toys, bicycles, books etc. and she would love to help other kids who need such things but can't afford them to have some of these things in their life.

Contribute to a child's future

Date: Sunday, February 8th 2015
Venue: Adya's Home, 11 Welch Road, Lexington MA 02421
Parking Instructions:park in the driveway or by the street
Contact details: 508 875 9501 /
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