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Birthday is a special day. Instead of a gift, make a donation to CRY America. It will not only bring joy to us but to thousands of underprivileged children.

Samanyu's 10th Birthday

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As I grew up to become a 10 year boy, I started understanding the world a little better. While thinking about celeberating my 1st decade in this world, I realized that I am fortunate enough to have my parents afford to provide me all the toys I ever wanted. But there are millions of other kids who don't even think about toys but fight every day to see thier tomorrow. Hence I decided to not accept any gift on my birthday but request all my guests to donate to CRY.

Contribute to a child's future

Date: 2/6/2016
Venue: ROCKIN JUMP Fremont, CA
Contact details: 408-504-9764
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