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Pinky Tiwari

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Dear  All,

CRY Foundation is a national organization that is driven by its mission providing a world in which all children have equal opportunities to develop to their full potential and realize their dreams. Over the past 10 years, with the support of countless donors and over 2000 volunteers, CRY America has irreversibly transformed the lives of 422,878 children living across India and the USA.

I am proud to present to you the local CRY (Child Rights and You) America CT Celebrating 100 years of Bollywood Cinema.

This is a great opportunity for all of us as an individual/business to come all together and give healthy and better life to underprivileged children, whether they are in India or The USA. Many Thanks


Pinky and Avinash







thank u


Thank u

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1. Sai sree $ 375.00
2. Pinky Tiwari $ 230.00
3. Preethi Srinivasan $ 50.00
4. Sampada Puranik $ 0.00