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Cryket Childrens Meet 2011

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Children's Games Ladies Games Mother & Child Games
1. Spoon & Water 1. Team Balloon Relay 1. 3 Leg Game
2. Water & Bucket 2. Tug of War 2. Stroller Game
3. Team Running Relay 3. Frisbee  
4. Cut & Stick    


Games Description :

Children's Games

1. Spoon & Water
Need to hold the spoon in the mouth and move the water from one container to another.

2. Water & Bucket
Need to run between two buckets and pour the water by using a glass.This is a team game.

3. Team Running Relay
There is game where a team need to finish off certain distance. At a time one team member will be running

4. Cut & Stick
This also a team game, we will provide with images, one person need to cut the picture, the other person need to stick the image and the other person needs to color the image


Ladies Games

1. Team Balloon Relay: Suspense :-o (and more over hard to explain)

2. Tug of War - As all of you know, two groups people pulling a rope from each side

3. Frisbee - There will be cups on a stick, you need make them fall by using Frisbee


Mother & Child Games

1. 3 Leg Game - A rope will be tied to mother and child - one at the legs and one to the waist, need to race to the end point

2. Stroller Game - This a game for mothers and stroller children (0-3 yrs old). Mother needs to keep her baby in stroller and race to the end point

 Registration starts at 9.00AM and games start at 10.00 AM

Free food is provided for children.

Please bring your stollers for those participating in Stroller game. We have Face Painting & Mehandi and many more...

Events Details:




9.00 AM


1041 Kentucky Avenue (Soccer Field Opposite to Kentucky Humane Society)

Parking Instructions:

1041 Kentucky Avenue

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