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CRYket 2013 (CRY NY Cricket Tournament)

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REGISTRATIONS CLOSED AS OF 6/13!!! We have 18 teams.

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Tournament Information

  • All games will be played at two grounds in Cunningham Park, Queens. Exact directions to grounds are provided in separate document.
  • Teams will be divided to pools and grounds will be assigned to them. Team captains will be communicated about this by June 17, 2013.
  • All games will be on June 22, 2013.
  • The tournament will be completed in one day. Play will be continuous (between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm).
  • If the whole tournament can NOT be finished in one day due to some reasons, it will be extended to next day.
  • 23rd of June 2013.
  • If there are players who would like to play but can not form a complete team, please register as individuals. We will connect you with others to form a team.
  • Participating teams are expected to submit the list of players for the team(s) well in advance, so that events for the day can be properly planned.
  • A group can register more than one team.
  • Game will be played using slightly heavy tennis ball used for cricket.
  • Please come at least 30 minutes before your given time. If the team doesn’t arrive within 15 minutes of there scheduled time match will be awarded to the other team.
  • Umpires decision will be final. In case of any dispute, organizer’s decision will be final.


Rules for the Game


  • The Eight-A-Side tournament will adhere to the General Six-A-Side Rules and the ICC Cricket Rules and regulations. Exceptions are indicated wherever needed.
  • Each team can consist of (register) up to Ten (10) members. Any selected seven (8) will play each game.
  • It is a heavy tennis ball tournament, and all players are expected to wear proper sports attire. If possible white T-shirts are recommended.
  • All qualifying round game shall be played between two teams of eight players consisting of a maximum of six 6-ball over bowled by each side. In qualifying games, member of the fielding side shall bowl a maximum of two overs with the exception of wicket keeper.
  • All semi final & final round game shall be played between two teams of eigth players consisting of a maximum of eight 6-ball over bowled by each side. In semi final & final games, member of the fielding side shall bowl a maximum of three overs with the exception of wicket keeper.
  • The wicket keeper must be nominated before the first over of the game. 
  • A different keeper may be nominated before the first over of each game (in a tournament) but cannot be changed during the course of the game.
  • A wide shall count as two extras to the batting side and an extra ball shall be bowled.  These runs will be added in the bowling figures of the bowler.
  • Free hit will be rewarded after no ball is bowled due to overstepping. only run out can happen on free hit.
  • To the extent possible, all games will be officiated by members of CRY volunteers and other participating teams.
  • Officials will be objective and impartial in rendering decisions.
  • The above rules will be adhered to at all times throughout the > tournament. All teams are expected to cooperate fully (adhering to the rules, respecting the umpires decision etc.) with the Organizers.
  • Two lines shall be drawn at a distance of 24 inches from the middle stump, at right angles to the crease.  Any ball, which in the umpire’s opinion passes the batting crease outside this line (full circumference of the ball outside the outer edge of the line) shall be called a wide, provided that it does not touch the bat and/or any part of the striker.  The regular return crease will be considered in the non-strikers end for the bowler. Any ball passing the striker over the shoulder height in the normal stance shall be considered a wide.
  • If six wickets fall (not including batsmen retiring not out under rule mentioned below before 6 over are completed the last remaining batsman shall bat on with the 6th out batsman. The last remaining batsman must always take the strike and therefore he must return to the batting crease after scoring. The last remaining batsman shall be declared "out" if his partner is "run out". The innings shall be completed on the fall of the seventh wicket
  • A batsman must retire "not out" on reaching a personal score of 31 runs but may not retire before reaching 31 runs.  If one of the last pair of batsmen is out before the completion of   five over the "retired not out" batsmen may return to continue their innings in the original batting order.  A returning   batsman will take the normal end for an incoming batsman after the fall of a wicket. The batsman may complete all runs possible off the stroke, which takes him to 31 runs; e.g., if on reaching 30 he then hits a boundary, the full score shall be added, or if he is able to run additional runs past 31, they shall also count.
  • If a fielder is injured during the course of a game, a substitute may be permitted subjected to the umpire's approval.  The substitute may be allowed to bowl if the injured player has   not already bowled, and to bat if the said player has not already batted.  In the case of wicket keeper being injured, he may be substituted, but this substitute may not have bowled   nor will be permitted to bowl. Once a substitute is introduced the player being replaced and shall not be permitted to play   again during the game in progress.  Substitution shall be allowed only in the case injury sustained during a game and for no other reason.
  • If fielders are not in the field when a game commences then   the whole game with the number of players present at the start of the game.  The opposing captain may nominate the member(s)   of the fielding team to bowl any over required to make up the   missing fielders.
  • A penalty of 4 runs shall be deducted if an in-coming batsman   has not taken the crease within 2 minute of the previous bats-man being out.
  • All registered teams will be grouped into pools. The number of pools and rounds depends on the number of registered teams.
  • In the event of a game resulting in a tie, the team losing the least amount > of wickets will be the winner. If a tie with the same number of wickets > occurs, the winner will be the side/team that batted the most overs. If both teams at this point have batted the same amount of overs/deliveries, then the winner will be decided by the toss of a coin.
  • If teams in a pool are tied at the end of the preliminary round, the team > with the best RR differential will be declared the winner. If both > teams’ Diff RR happens to be the same, then the team, which lost the least number of wickets, will be the winner, else toss of a coin will > decide the team that advances to the next round.
  • All teams are expected to be very familiar with the rules of the game and of this specific competition, as detailed in the document.
  • There will be stalls from where you can buy drinks and snacks also. Lunch & water will be free for participants.
  • Everybody is expected to bring their own cricket gear. If you can’t, please let us know in advance.


Events Details:





Cunningham Park,
196 Union Turnpike,
New York, NY 11366

Parking Instructions:

AC Contact details:

Sharad: 732-429-4426
Avaya: 516 303 6681

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